Melt Me

New: Melt Me

Yes, it’s here!

Good news for toastie addicts with plant-based aspirations – and a great leap for us, since Melt Me is our first move into the semi-hard cheese department. In addition to the spreads and dips, you can now enjoy Melt Me and give your grilled cheese game a wild upgrade. Let me introduce you to:

Melt Me Smoky

Our great love for smoked cheese made Melt Me Smoky see the light of day. And son of a gun, did it turn out neat. Rich, smoky and soft – the start of what might just be the best plant-based grilled cheese sandwich you ever sunk your teeth in.

Melt Me Chili

The spicy Melt Me Chili is a total hottie on both toastie and vegan burger. Goes great with fresh and sweet toppings like pineapple or mango.

Where can I find it?

Melt Me Chili and Smoky are now available at Albert Heijn across the Netherlands. Smoky made it across the border to Albert Heijn Belgium as well.

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