“If there’s one thing I have zero time for, it’s men who are all hat and no cattle. But this cowboy I met is a different breed. I’m after climate neutral traditional cheese. He’s following a hi-tech trail towards cow-free, grass-fed dairy. Together, we went for plant-based. But packed with every bit of punch and potency that we love so much in traditional cheese.”


The WildWestLand way

…is driven by a deep love of cheese. And it starts where cheese tradition & taste hook up with trailblazing food innovation.

Meet the parents: the Westland family

WildWestLand is the latest adventure of a long line of true cheese lovers. Located in the Dutch town of Huizen, Westland Cheese created world wide favorites like Old Amsterdam, Maaslander and Trenta and has been exploring new roads since 1936.

Together with Those Vegan Cowboys, Westland is taking a major leap towards its goal: to have 100 million people enjoy climate neutral cheese in 2036, when the family business celebrates its centennial.

About Those Vegan Cowboys

The other half of the liaison consists of Those Vegan Cowboys, a high tech milk lab in Ghent, Belgium run by the founders of The Vegetarian Butcher. With animal-free meat firmly on track, they are now working on plant-based grass-fed cheese, made by microbes instead of cows. Crazy? They heard that before.

The milk and cheese they work on in their lab will take another few years. But that doesn’t keep them from making Fromances happen with Holland’s most renowned cheese making family.


“Go try our Fromance and see. I’d love to hear your verdict, of course.
And in the meantime, crazy cowboy hat & me will be right here.
Working on more. More steps towards truly climate neutral cheese. And more Fromances. I will personally make sure each and every one of our new products is serious cheese board material. That’s a promise.”