Jaap Korteweg in Jinek with WildWestLand’s Unguilty Pleasure Dip and Garlic & Herb Affair

When Armin van Buuren and Sjoerd Mossou give you that look after trying your product, you know you did it right.

Chief Cowboy Jaap starred in last night’s episode of Jinek. Besides a bunch of knowledge about the bright future of plantbased cheese, he brought WildWestLand Unguilty Pleasure Dip and Garlic & Herb Affair.

Floor Bremer and Danny Ghosen gave our product a shot as well. And my oh my, look at those faces. There are no two ways about it: plantbased cheese tastes just as good as the real deal.

And poor Eva, who clearly wanted some of that cheesy goodness as well, but who had to continue hosting her show.

Missed it? Watch the full episode

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