Smashburger with Melt Me and Bacon Jam

The well-known fast food chains have nothing on this burger.

Here’s the recipe for the Smashburger with Bacon Jam. Where your plantbased favourites collide.

Ingredients for 1 burger:

1 burger bun
2 De Vegetarische Slager’s Ereburger
1 slice of WildWestLand Melt Me Chili
1 slice of WildWestLand Melt Me Smoky
A bit of sauerkraut
1 spoon of bacon jam

Ingredients for the bacon jam, good for 15 burgers:

1 kg of red onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves
3 tbsp oil to fry in
3 packages Specktakel by De Vegetarische Slager, chopped into little pieces
2 dl balsamic vinegar
1 dl apple cider vinegar
1 dl maple syrup
2 twigs of thyme
Salt and pepper to taste


We’re going to start off with the good stuff and make the bacon jam:

Heat a frying pan and heat up the oil.
Fry the onions and garlic for a bit and add a pinch of salt.
Fry the bacon, in another pan, in a layer of oil until crispy.
Back tot he onions. Fry them on low temperature with a lid on the pan until the onion is soft. Add the thyme and fried Specktakel-bits.
Deglaze with the vinegares and maple syrup and let it simmer on low temperature, without lid, until nice and thick. The jam should be smoky, sweet and sour. The onions should be completely cooked.
Bring to taste with salt and pepper.

Now for the burger:

Get out the Ereburgers and smash them. Yes, that’s right. By smashing them your burger will become crispy and get more of a roasted flavour.
Fry the Ereburgers until they’re done. Add the slices Melt Me Smoky and Melt Me Chili at the end so they can melt.
Build the highest burger you can imagine with the ingredients mentioned above.

All your friends will beg you to open a burger drive-through, promise.

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